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Do not buy "mortgage insurance" interest rate discounts

reproduction mortgage insurance mortgage market in Nanjing. The Bank, first home loan customers need to purchase mortgage insurance, shall not enjoy preferential rates by 90 percent. Will buy mortgage insurance or with interest rates linked to 90 percent discount, this gives rise to the customer's questions. Because of the recent provisions of the CBRC, Bank lending may compel tying financial products, and mortgage insurance is a financial product.
recently was to Mr King for a first loan of Nanjing residents yesterday told reporters that he was optimistic about a building recently opened, but with the real estate a Bank provides: unless customers to buy mortgage insurance, not rate of 90 percent discount, can only be executed in the benchmark interest rate. In accordance with his age and the loan amount, Mr Wang to pay 50,000 yuan of mortgage insurance, in order to enjoy interest rates 90 percent discount. Mr Wang is puzzled about the Bank's loan policy.
reporters yesterday to xinjiekou consulting mortgage policy a branch of the line, a Customer Manager at the Bank, told reporters that the Bank does have this provision, mortgage insurance is the product of a life insurance company in Nanjing, after the customer purchases the mortgage guarantee insurance, if death or disability disability, the insurance company will loan on their behalf. Such as age at the age of 37, a loan of 800,000 yuan, the 20-year period, shall be paid each year 5992 mortgage insurance premiums, and pay 10 to enjoy interest rates 90 percent discount. Reporter: "mortgage insurance is a financial product?" The account manager responded: "it is. "
mortgage insurance is wealth management products, and not long ago the CBRC issued a notice: requires stern Bank personal mortgage loan appears in bundling and other acts. So, the Bank requires customers to buy mortgage insurance to preferential interest rates, counted as bundled financial products?
provincial banking regulatory Bureau said, if the Bank requires customers to buy gold or other banking products, can be considered to be "bundle", but requires the purchase of mortgage insurance, bundled is difficult to prove. For customers to purchase mortgage insurance reduces the risk of Bank mortgage loans in the future, the Bank gave him some preferential interest rates, this is reasonable.
Nanjing Xue Jimin lawyer firm Xu Jun lawyer is said, from legal Shang told, the line requirements customer must purchase mortgage insurance only to interest rate offers, this is a additional conditions of contract, although customer has select right, but currently the home Bank of mortgage lines are is tension, customer in vulnerable status, so, the line has using itself of strong status to consumers forced marketing financial products of suspected. What is mortgage insurance

"mortgage insurance" full name for individual mortgage goods housing insurance, is a kind of guarantee insurance, mainly by the basic insurance (property insurance for housing) and all risks (mortgage insurance) consists of two insurance. All along, the mortgage insurance called "compulsory consumption" provisions of the King, by consumer resistance. Strong opposition from consumers, after July 2006, major banks are gradually replaced the "mortgage insurance" bundled sales.
for three mortgages are "card"
Washington was the industry foresees a "blowout" of March to leave the market is surprisingly prosaic. Yesterday's housing management Department of Nanjing's announcement showed that 49 set despite the number of new check out little more than 36 set last month, but is less than in January to check out 9. It is understood, most of the houses were back on loans is "stuck", as Bank policy of strict implementation of the third home loans, home buyers could not make up the full amount, have no choice but to leave.
from March added 49 sets check out of plate distribution Shang see, has 21 sets from main city, 26 sets from Jiangning and North, also has 2 sets Lishui of check out, housing sector said, this is near several months yilai, main city check out accounted for than maximum of once, "past liangjiang plate of are to accounted for seven or eight into, this just half, not excluded and new deal of implementation about. "A case study of Hexi, hot plate, song, melody, Golden names Beijing, rongqiao property has to leave the Central Garden debut, but also by the large majority. Cool door near a well-known developer of real estate out of the 172 square metres of housing price 25336 Yuan per square meter, is the highest price of all check out yesterday, the largest set, reporters call the sales office to ask this to check out the situation, sales staff directly recommend: "the current prices are around 20,008 to 20,009, now can save a lot of money!"

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