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2015 new Nanjing loans: loan company "hugs" Sally sample

March 28 under the State Council approved the implementation of the overall programme of comprehensive reform experimental zone, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, finance, decided to establish the Wenzhou municipal finance pilot zone for overall reform. Pilot reforms have helped China's private finance Sun standardization and ease the financing problems of medium and small micro-enterprise, more and more of the strength of the companies involved.

most lending companies belong to the regional home loan company, each province has a very good loan company in China. "I say good, I mean has standard credit process and risk assessment systems, management of high quality, like Bardon the entire management team of easy credit is coming from Hong Kong, there are ten or twenty years ' experience in the lending industry.

State "two goals: one is private finance Sun; the second is standardization of private finance,"



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