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RRR the sixth increase this year, public loans more difficult

Central Bank announced on June 14, and June 20, raise the deposit reserve requirement ratio for financial institutions 0.5%. Refresh the record. Banks will be more "bad money", public loans may be more difficult for people, "crediting" time will be longer, market analysis, which not only lending to homebuyers have a greater impact, funding to small and medium enterprises are also a huge challenge.
"in July or August, for a one-time payment for people to buy a House, is a very good buying opportunity, but if you choose a business loan cautiously selected banks. "A bank said, as early as two or three months ago, including Bank of China, the agricultural Bank of China, CCB, ICBC's four main banks, commercial banks, have been tightening personal loans business.
this round of reserve requirement ratio increase, means that the market will be reduced by more than 300 billion yuan of liquidity. Although well-financed large companies, people in the industry think it's "adjustment and took good chances", but for real estate enterprises and in particular small and medium sized enterprises in Changsha, and this will undoubtedly push further into money trouble.
"raised effect"
home loan more difficult, the public "crediting" time will be longer
according to the statistics of the City line, the city's outstanding foreign currency deposits at the end of the first quarter was 272.12 billion yuan, calculated theoretically, again raised the reserve requirement ratio 0.5%, Yangzhou's Bank will be turned over to the Central Bank reserves a minimum of 1.36 billion yuan.
this year, the deposit reserve rate continuously increases, Yangzhou, the tight credit situation hasn't eased. Yangzhou credit funds of banks at present is still very tense, 1-3 months generally banks "loan period". "From the perspective of credit lines, not loose at all. Now reserve ratio raised again, more you don't see signs of easing. "CITIC Bank, Director of the personal loan Centre Ma Jianyu admitted that reserve ratio raised again, bank credit will become more nervous, members of the public," crediting "time will be longer.
"reserve ratio raised again, Bank mortgage lending will be more strict, does not rule out the Bank will have to raise the down payment and mortgage rate possible. "Ma Jianyu said. This reporter has learned, many banks are housing discrimination, second-hand House loan mortgages harder to obtain, some banks suspended even second-hand housing loan business. Industry insiders pointed out that reserve ratio raised again, banks on the secondary mortgage "closer", which will further exacerbate the difficulty of second-hand House transaction.
reserve, cannot alter its June rate hike expected

"once a month, should be ' set '. The RRR, not surprisingly, is reasonable. "Guangling branch of Huaxia Bank, President Chang Sun, think that, the Central Bank has in the past raised deposit reserve rate CPI released the next day, which was raised on the same day, suggest that the Bank's focus on inflationary pressures. The Central Bank's monetary policy has been to watch the CPI as the goal, the Office May run macroeconomic data, May CPI rose 5.5%, a 34-month high, the Central Bank made this matter.
Chang Sun, said the rate hike is imminent, possibility of a rate hike in June is still very large. In General, will continue to tighten monetary policy. According to the Central Bank's established practice, will also raise interest rates, mainly in order to curb inflationary pressures, particularly inflation expectations. Meanwhile, reserve room for upward adjustment is still there.

lending interest rate will also soar?
this year, the continued regulation of the cumulative effects of monetary policy began to gradually appear. Reporters also noted that raised its deposit reserve rate and control credit lines for the year in a row, the first affected commercial banks, loan size is affected. The other hand, reducing liquidity in the market, making it hard for some financing for SMEs and individuals. Many businesses and individuals have sought private lending funds, leading private lending boom, interest rates generally rise.
"claim that there is"
is over the price of the last straw?
industry: prices short-term within still difficult drop
real estate market has always been and bank credit is closely related to, save associate rate raised, will to property market brings which effect does? Albert I love I Home Group Deputy President Hu Jinghui on said, the raised deposits reserves rate coincides with the property volume sharply atrophy, regional prices has now loose, and market parties on prices declined expected increasingly big of key moments, its again improve will makes prices in third quarter appeared inflection point. "The deposit reserve rate again will be an overwhelming price of final straw, substantial falls in house prices in the third quarter was no suspense. "Hu Jinghui said.
Yangzhou real estate commentator, the investment management consultants General Manager Xu Shibin believes that raising the deposit reserve rate, because the banks overall credit scale reduced, mortgage loans and personal loans will continue to tighten, capital market will also further increase the difficulty of refinancing, real estate capital chain will become more and more tightly.
Xu Shibin noted that the price action of the market depends on sales, Yangzhou belonging to third-tier cities, the market has its own characteristics. "House price game phase will continue for some time, Yangzhou, the current developers will only increase the amount of promotional efforts and strive to run, but massive price cuts in the short term does not appear. "Xu Shibin says.


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