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China's small loan company loan balance of more than 600 billion

in recent years, dark horse as a grass-roots financial force of microfinance companies, is developing rapidly. Recently held the third annual meeting of the China Association of microfinance institutions revealed that China's current situation of the development of micro-credit industry. , President of the Association of microfinance institutions of China Liu Gu is expected, at the end of December 2012, number more than 6,000 micro-credit institutions in China, industry-wide loan balance of more than 600 billion yuan, an increase of 52%, 37% higher loans growth over the same period.
information, since its 2008 microfinance companies to push national, micro-credit in China both in terms of number is the overall strength of the company have achieved great-leap transformation and development. According to the data released by the Central Bank, 2010 a total of 2,614 a microfinance company, 2011 to 4,282, surge in 1668. In 2012, again to expand the scale, an increase of nearly 1800.

, meanwhile, small loan company assets are also expanding. Central Bank said financial consumer protection Bureau Jiao jinpu, "in 2012, the top 100 small scale loan company assets rose 46%, the industry's growth prospects are very good. "

under the previous publication of the 2012 report on the competitiveness of China's microfinance institutions show 2012 years ago 11 months, added Nanjing national micro-credit company 172.1 billion yuan loans released a profit of 36.5 billion yuan. Its new loan balance represents the equivalent of a midsize commercial bank credit.

two red line into the bottleneck development

number of small loan companies and business is booming, but these small loans companies face the same limits.

insiders said, compared to other financial institutions with the Bank, and uneven regulation, taxation, financing, credit policy, are restricting the innovation and development of micro-credit, and even security.

from the perspective of development in recent years, the main factors of restricting the development of micro-credit companies are capital small, limited financing. In accordance with existing regulations, small loan company's main source of funding for capital contributions and donations for the shareholders funds, and no more than two banking institutions into funding from banks and financial institutions get into balance does not exceed 50% of the net assets of the funds.

, according to policies and regulations, small loan companies mode to "only loan does not exist", micro-credit in the registered capital of the company after it had to rely on interbank lending from the banks, small loan company loan interest rate is usually higher than the local commercial banks, rarely competitive in market development. "The two red lines mean that micro-credit company's debt ratio should not exceed their one-third, but under the same conditions the Bank's debt ratio can reach 90%. "A small loan industry professionals about the" unfair "treatment of irritated.

said above, small loan companies, though not yet into the management system of banking and financial institutions, the financial regulation to be accepted just like other financial institutions, which "embarrassed" the company in business innovation and market development, subject to many restrictions. Meanwhile, small loan companies remained in business, in accordance with the general business tax registration, access to specialized policy support for financial institutions and tax incentives normal channels operating in the write-off of bad loans would become clear.

innovation potential risks

Moreover, extensive growth of small loan companies have begun to attract attention from regulators. Media reports in recent days, the Central Bank recently held annual meeting all over the about micro-credit "innovation" there may be a warning of potential risks.

it is understood that currently all over the innovation of micro-credit financing, including: increasing the number of micro-credit financing banks; small-loan company assets transfer through trust funds; local government stake; micro-credit firms interbank and so on. Some provinces and cities, and even the highest financing of small loan companies rose to more than 200%.

these initiatives come into question. Official said, since most local regulators for small loan company management and supervision is still relatively backward and weak, some provinces have breakthrough business scope, financing requirements, potential high risk. "In the absence of effective regulation, companies engaged in mixed cases, if more provinces follow suit, small loan company will be the rapid expansion, coupled with leveraged, also dabbled in the assets in the short term assignment, trust, wealth management, security and other areas of the business, will increase the relevance and have a greater negative impact on financial stability. "These people said.


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